Field of application

dBarrier® is an all-in-one protection, developed to be assembled on Ring Scaffolding Systems while a project is under construction, renovation, maintenance or demolition. Noise reduction together with fall protection is the main objectives of dBarrier®, however it also offers a physical barrier from dust rain and wind.



  • A scaffold noise protection -Average noise reduction of 21, 2 dB*. Tested at SP Swedish Technical Research Institute
  • Approved side protection - works as fall protection for scaffolds. Tested and approved at SP Swedish Technical Research Institute
  • Scaffold weather protection - Achieve indoor climate outside. Withstands wind conditions in excess of 137 km/h. Wind tunnel tested at TitanX
  • Energy saving -Enclose the scaffold for a controllable work environment. Thermal conductivity Tested at SP Swedish Technical Research Institute


The panels are fitted with a series of stainless steel fixings which have been specifically developed for this application, the FASTener® can also be used to fix a variety of ancillary items to the scaffolding, such as lights and signage etc. Anything that can be fitted to the FASTener® can simply be attached to the scaffold. There is provision within the FASTener® to enable security wire or a padlock to be fitted preventing unauthorized removal.

Noise protection for road barriers

dBarrier® can be mounted on standard road barriers. Total height 3 or 5 meters, unlimited length.


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