We use cookies

A cookie is a small file that is saved on your computer when you visit a page. The purpose of using cookies is to improve the user experience of the site.


If you do not consent to the use of cookies, be sure to block or disable them using your browser settings. 


We use two types of cookies on our site:


Session cookie, a temporary file that is saved in your computers memory while you're visiting the site. This cookie is removed when you close your browser.


Persistent cookie, a type of cookie that remains on your computer. Next time you visit the site will remeber you've been here before.



The cookies on this site are used for:

  • Statistics. We use Google Analytics to see which pages attract the most attention, how users arrive on our site and what they are searching for. The statistics are then used to improve the content on our site. 
  • Form data. If you've entered a certain text in a field during an earlier visit we'll be able to help you out and fill out that field automatically.
  • Acceptance of cookies. We use cookies to save your earlier acceptance of cookies. This means you wont be asked to accept them every time you visit our site.