dBarrier® is an all-in-one protection, developed to be erected on modular ring scaffolding systems


dBarrier® is a brand developed, designed and produced by Järven Group which has 40 years’ experience of noise pollution and most important, how to reduce the noise both indoor as well as outdoor. Järven Group consists besides Järven Akustik also of Järven Healthcare and Järven Ecotech, all with the same vision to create a better and safer working and ecological environment.


dBarrier® is an all-in-one protection, developed to combine speed and flexibility of erection together with safety while the project is under construction, renovation, maintenance or demolition for that matter. 


dBarrier® has a patented FASTener®, made of stainless steel, which allows for fast and efficient regroupings from one workplace to another. Since dBarrier® contain no loose components both assembly and disassembly can be quickly and safely done without any tools. dBarrier® is a high quality product with a durability to last in outdoor environment. dBarrier® is made of materials that are flame resistant, high UV stability and the absorbing surface is protected against moisture and wetness. With its excellent ability to withstand mechanical stress it will be at your disposal many years.